Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This is the question that i had to face repeatedly in past couple of days. so i answered- i don't, but i couldn't make out what the expressions that followed meant. Today one of my friends asked me "by what name do i have the blog" , i didn't know what to say . i was trying to figure out what to say when he said ," it is ok if you don't want to tell me" . so pausing our conversation at that very moment and i engaged my self in this highly engaging work of creating a blog so that i could tell my friend i have a blog with the name " al-haqu murun" , this phrase means truth is bitter and in today's world if you tell truth (that you don't blog) hardly any body will beleive, no matter even if he/she is your looser friend.


  1. what happened to yur previous blog .... u can't abandone it just like that :)

  2. welcome to the blog club.....hope u have fun..and yes pour your heart out here..for youself and not because someone will say-"ifti write something"

  3. hey blogger!!it was nice to no abt ur hometown and ur poem was simply awesum.