Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Open Letter

on 15th of $eptember 2011 the British Parliament is going to discuss Kashmir for the first time after partition of India in 1947. Mr steve Baker an MP for Wycombe recently prapossed this dicussion before Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee and was supported by Jason McCartney MP, Andrew Griffiths MP, Denis MacShane MP and Nic Dakin MP. Argueing for a debate on Amnesty International’s recent report on human rights in Indian-occupied Kashmir (East Kashmir). With these developments in hindsight i was forced to write this open letter to Mr. Baker and the British Parliamnet.

Dear Mr. Baker,
Thanks for taking notice of what is
happening in East Kashmir (which
you prefer to call Indian Occupied
Kashmir). It seems that our body
count has finally become worthy to
be discussed.
With the two countries (India &
Pakistan) happy with the status quo
it has become necessary for the
world powers to intervene but alas
their attitude towards kashmir
made us (kashmiri’s) wonder if even
we were considered human. But thanks to
your initiative we are seing a
change in the making but yet are
forced not to hope for anything
(learning from past experiences).
Even with many UN resolutions
regarding Kashmir nothing has
changed (infact it has worsened)we are still being
butchered unabated in broad day
light thanks to world community
which is acting like an ostrich.
Let me try to answer the question
”why the two countries are happy
with status quo and why there is
need for the world to intervene at
earliest.” Well kashmir has become
the stick with which both beat each
other. In addition to this both the
countries are sharing (plundring)the natural
resources of kashmir otherwise to
which they have no legal or moral
ownership. With these things in
mind do you think that the two
countries would want to resolve
the issue with out any external
pressure, i don’t think so. But till
the world powers decide to
intervene , one thing for sure is
going to change that is our body
Now its upto you people how large
a tophy (of human bodies) you want.

Resident of
East Kashmir


  1. Being a kashmiri, I live under constant fear every second of my life not only for myself but also for my fellow beings. And till death I will say "I Protest" against the inhuman rule of India on what you call India occupied Kashmir.. I see and hear innocent people being killed for the most part of the year, innocent girls being raped by Indian Army and then killed with the government backing this ruthless behaviour by not taking any actions. I see innocent kids wrapped with thorns and with stick marks on their bodies if they raise their voice against the inhuman behaviour India Army in Kashmir. We dont want India or Pakistan.. Please give us freedom so that we and our families can live in peace for the rest of our lives..

  2. Augustine once said ''unjust law is no law''

  3. read it...truthful it is..but why do u sign off as "yet to be dead resident"..that means you have also accepted the status quo and want to live like this???..i am not knowledgeable enough like you to have great insights on this matter but yes people like us(you particularly..I say this because people who go through situations as faced there know them better)have to fight out such negative acceptance and all in fair and non violent means so that all of us can witness a peaceful kashmir in our lifetime and pass it on to coming generations...

  4. Dear, i accept the fact that we have to fight it out.Dear, i accept the fact that we have to fight it out. The presence of this blog and various others like this, the cry of 'I Protest' till my last breath in the first comment by 'one kashmiri', the presence of stone pelters on roads, the frequent demonstrations (of which you never hear), the million march (muzafarabad chalo)of 2008 and with every death we say ''we have not accepted the status quo''. But the question is do you know, does the world know about this. And the answer is '' they never hear about us and about our struggle and if they hear it is half truth, they hear fabricated stories, they hear what the state wants them to hear. Now the other question that arises is do they bothher. We have to accept this fact that everybody is too occupied with his sets of problems so have no time to look around and feel for another human, another natio. So my personal view is kashmir will be free but it is a very very long road to freedom, don't see it happening in my life time. Now you may ask why do write about it then, i write only so that the next generation may not say we did nothing for them and so that they may have the courage to carry on batton