Monday, March 9, 2009

Samad pandith .........

The legend of Samad Pandit…………………………on special request

He was the richest person in this part of the world , but what is note worthy is that he was the most generous person of his time. People remember him even today not because he was rich but because he was humble and generous.

In the 19th century there was a disastrous plane crash in the Anantnag district (locally also known as Islamabad ). All the passengers where dead. in this plane the son of the richest person of this part the world was also travelling. The plane crashed in the upper reaches of the region , which had very limited accessibility those days (even today). To add to the difficulties of the authorities it was winter and it is said that during that year Kashmir had witnessed one of the heaviest snowfalls ever . Authorities for many days tried but failed to reach to the crash site. At this point Samad Pandit took the responsibility on himself and used his own labor and resources to reach to the site. It is being said that road was cut out of the snow to reach to the site. ……. This incident can give you an idea that how rich Samad Pandit was !

Now to give an example of his generosity examples are endless………. Let me tell you one example.
In srinagar there was well of family which was very rich but there fortune was playing hide and seek with them. A time had come when this family was left with its name only and nothing else, the outside world had no clue about this. During this period marriage of one of the daughters of the family was going to take place………… the father of the bride was in a dilemma what to do , because nobody new what their actual economic condition was. The worried father paid a visit to his spiritual guide (also known as peer), a god fearing and pious person. The peer delegated the person to samad Pandit, he narrated the whole scenario, with respect to their economic condition and the expectations of the people, to him. Samad Pandit said to this person that you celebrate your daughters marriage as if you were in the most sound financial conditions and don't worry about the money………….. This fact that Samad Pandit had financed the celebrations , including gifts to the guests, came to fore only after the death of Samad Pandit.

Due to these reasons Samad Pandit is also known as the Hatim Tai of Kashmir………

Kisike muskrahatun pe ho nisaar
Kisika gum ho sake to lai udaar………
Jina isi kaa naam hai


  1. A well written article. It would have been better if you would have called this Legendary and respectable man with his full name Khwaja Abdul Samad Pandith. There were only a few people who were given the title of Khwaja at that time, and he was among those very few.

  2. thanks for brining this fact into my notice,i accept my mistake

  3. He was my great grandfather :) By the way, this is a very nice article

    1. Thanks Zara, nice to know that you liked the post about your great grandfather, by the way this blog has been moved to wordpress