Sunday, August 1, 2010

God Save Us ......

On the morning of April 13, 1919 a boy had gone to Jallianwala Bagh, but in the evening he returned as Bagaht Singh. We all know history, we all know what happened and what were the consequences , but still we learn nothing from it. Baght Singh once said "deaf need a bang to hear", at the time he was referring to the British public ( even a portion of Indian People) who didn't seem to be bothered about what ever wrong was being done by the British Empire on Indian Soil.

History is Repeating itself , everyday Jallianwala Bagh is being repeated in Kashmir. But who bothers to take notice as long it not effecting their lives. But what we tend to forget is that every Jallianwala Bagh gives birth to a Baght Sing and every Baght Singh wants to make deaf people hear his voice. And When we hear a bang we are taken by surprise and try to figure out where it came from, when that bang effects our lives we tend to ask the questions why us , we have done nothing wrong to anybody. Without trying to figure out the reasons, we end up pointing fingers. Once my boss told me, "when ever you point a finger towards anybody remember that the rest three finger are pointing towards you".

Small events can have very great consequences. What triggered the metamorphosis of Gandhi into Mahatma Gandhi, a small insignificant event for British ( humiliatingly thrown out of the train). Let us suppose this event had not taken place, there is a chance that Gandhi would have never returned to India and continued to live a successful life in South Africa and Britain as a successful lawyer. Strange how small incidents can turn simple human beings into hardcore rebels.

There is a saying that the people who watch something wrong happening and do nothing about it are more responsible for the act than the person who commits the crime because it is the their silence that encouraged him to commit the crime. Same applies to us all, it seems that we no longer are bothered about what is happening around us. We keep silent no matter how inhuman and cruel our governments are, so we should be ready to bear the consequence of this silence later in future. Hope we all rise from our slumber and find the courage & humanity in ourselves to raise our voices against the brutality. Hope we don't need the bang to hear the voices of wailing mother whose teenage son was shot dead in front of her, the voices of the young widow whose husband was shot dead because he ventured outside his house to search for milk for his hungry son. I just hope that voices of the millions of Kashmir's are being heard and understand. Hope …… just can hope


  1. I am waiting for that BHAGAT SINGH to come..but all i hope is that the correct and right Mr.Dyer is recognized and shot down!!

  2. Heart wails on seeing a heaven becoming hell..dont know what is needed to stop all this..but then see how helpless we all are..we can just pen down what we feel but do nothing!!