Saturday, February 28, 2009

I MISS YOU...........!

Beautiful where the days when we cared for nothing valued for nothing but the friendship and friends
Those were the schools days which we all cherish a lot……….
I too had a friend who was my best friend ………. We were considered to be of " viru-jai" genre.
People needed to search for one and would find both of us……. The first time a had to stay outside my home for more than one month, I missed him so much, I even wrote a poem !
All good things have to come to an end so had our friendship……. When he decided to become wise..
Yesterday I received a call for him ,seeing his number I was filled with all sorts of emotions , I greeted as warmly as I could not waiting for himm to say anything , not even a hello……………. Then he said, "you had my number and you didn't bother to call, shame on you" and cut the call. I was shoked and didn't know what to say. Later I tried to call back , but he didn't receive my call.

Dedicated to those innocent mischiefs and to the wisdom…….

So many are here
So many are there
But no one is so near
To tell him the rare…..

My only friend is there
Across the barrier
Waiting for me ….
To cross and to be there

He is my best friend
And for me so dear
That life with out him
I can't bear.....

I am alone here
Waiting for you to be near
As no one is so worthy
To fill your gap dare

I miss you
Truly I miss you..
Oh dear…...
Do you hear.?


  1. friends are many but best friends are have them is a priviledge but to acknowledge their importance is respecting the relation...get back to him!!!

  2. Call kar usko! Aaaj, kal, parso, jab tak na uthaaye tab tak! :)

    Friends complete the circle of life. Exaggeration nahi hain, sach hain! Very innocent post. Very you :)

  3. commendable seems as u stiill feel his presence around u....go n visit his place...try out all possible ways to get him back....alwaz some1 has to of luck..