Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The habit of wining makes you a coward ..........

It has become a strange thing on the part of parents to make their children believe that they have been brought in to this world only to win and often achieve what their parents failed to. So as the child grows he runs only to win and not to run along friends. They are so afraid of losing that they do what ever is in their hands to avoid it, go to extreme limits . So from childhood these people try to make their life loss proof, they choose friends on basis of their strengths, choose a team which is most expected to win. With these tactics they get a winning streak , but with time they forget what losing is and when the not so likely loss comes their way they don’t know what to do , they don’t know how to handle it ( be it on the professional or personal front) because they never where raised to handle a loss . At this juncture most of these people crumble and shatter to pieces never to rise again. So there is nothing wrong in learning how to loose ..... :)


  1. There is nothing wrong in learning to loose, but shud always try to avoid it..at least that is what I believe. And im waiting for the final blog of urs , to which I feel all these blogs of urs nowadays are foundation…

  2. Though the theme of the post is really good as it has the reality bite in it, but one would still prefer to see himself/herself in the winning streak all the time (or as much time as it can be). And nothing wrong to see yourself in that winning bracket.

    And please change the spelling of 'lose' in the last sentence.

    Want to see more such thought provoking ones from dude...

  3. Parents teach us to win because that is what they have been taught too.To be content in life is good but to not think of achieving success is not justified.It is the winner who carves the way and not the loser.If everyone starts thinking of losing and being happy with it,I am sorry to say the world will then face a very sorry state of affairs because then people will compete for winning the losing situation!!and if you feel that we select people around us especially our friends as per our
    convenience then all I can say is try and have a flashback of life you have led till now particularly your childhood..you will see unselfish faces...of your friends and family,which teaches you to win for your good......:)