Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Order ...

Strange how certain things (incidents) change one's life dramatically and from that moment there is no turning back, you can't change back to what you were. The plans that you had till then are no more valid. You no more are you … the only thing that defines you now is that moment , that incident , that person.

When ever you get to this moment either (if you are lucky) your directionless, meaningless life suddenly finds direction and meaning or (if you happen to be unlucky) your all meaningful and sorted out life becomes chaotic and a mess. Either way feels like you have been hit by a meteor.

Don't expect, when this meteor hits you, it is going to bother anybody or anybody is going to bother about you, the world has come a long way from the Victorian era. Currently a major info war (world info war I) is going on and nobody seems to be bothered about. Every bad dream from the futuristic scifi movies and Ayn Rand novels is taking shape, no body seems to be bothered about them so why the hell do you think you matter.

What ever happens we humans never stop hoping for the best, we always think that the best times are just round the corner. Hope hope hope …. What keeps us up and kicking , hope!

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  1. yup and shouldnt it be so..i know sometimes hope is 'overly hoped' for but then it is needed to stay,to keep hoping!!and d best will surely come..;-))