Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prisoner of Fate

Hi, hope you all are doing well. Has been a long time since my last update and you people might have sighed a relief thinking finally we get rid of this weirdo, no more receiving updates from this blog. But here comes one more update.

Leaving apart all the other things and coming to the point, from past couple of weeks, unintentionally, have been reading some literature which one way or the other way had something do with topics like fate, destiny. To put icing on the top it, met couple of people talking with whom ultimately led to the discussion of fate or destiny. I don't know whether it was fate or destiny at work trying to prove its presence to me.

One author writes success is not just dependent on your hard work and capabilities it also depends on your luck (in the way how your environment supports). The author tries to prove his point by giving an example of father and son who do the same things but father fails and son becomes successful. The author is pointing to an unseen force which lies down the rules such that if we happen to work according those rules we achieve success. But the problem is rules never remain same, if at one time a+b=c but the next time a+b≠c. so if you are trying to achieve c you get lucky in the first set of conditions by adding a and b, but that is not always going to be right. So we can say in some way the rules decide who is going to be successful.
Trying to simplify what I was trying to say above I would like to give another example, that of Bill Joy sometimes called the Edison of internet. The story goes like this; it's 1971 and joy happens to be 16 and time for him to join college. He was a math geek , the kind of student that MIT, Caltech ad university of waterloo attract , in short were the preferred universities of any student. With all these choices available Joy happens to chose the University of Michigan with the intentions of becoming a biologist or a mathematician (computers no where on his mind). In the same year i.e 1971 the University of Michigan happens to open its new computer centre, in a brand new building on Beal Avenue. Because of this new computer centre the university of Michigan had one of the most advanced computer science programs in the world. One fine day Bill Joy while passing through the computer centre where he is awestruck and hooked for life. After that he just drowned himself in computers, him being in the category of "no-date nerd" helped as there were no distractions allowing him to hone his skills in programming. With him there are lot of other things that just happened to be getting to him at the very right moments, to know more about him or similar other stories of success you can read Outliers .

With things in my life going in only one direction i.e fate and destiny, I came to know about a 800 year old document written by Shah Naimatullah wali (R.A). The document is a collection of prophesies that the saint made in a poetic manner (Qaseeda), it is written in persian and it is almost impossible to find an intact physical copy of the same, the prophesies are more specific to the subcontinent but there are prophesies regarding other parts of world as well . The document was banned by British empire, to be more precise by Viceroy Lord Curzon as he couldn't digest the prophesy about the British Empire ruling India for only 100 years! And the current Governments also do not promote its publishing due to some very harsh prophesies for the current rulers of land. To give an example of how accurate and precise these prophesies are am reproducing a translation of couple of stanza related to Mughal Empire :

1. I am telling the truth, there will be a King in this world. Taimur his name and he will be the Conqueror.(l)
2. After Him, Meeran Shah appear in this world who will be the friend of the conqueror Taimur Shah.(2)
3. When he passes away from this world, and then will appear the King of Humans and Jinns (Ginns).(3)
4. After Him, Umer Sheikh will be the King and he'll be a claimer and a very Kind person.
5. After that, Umer Bin Sheikh will be the owner of this land and he'll indulge into a lot of riches and luxuries.
6. After him shall come The King Babar who will be the king of Kabul, later he will appear in Delhi as a ruler of India.
7. After Sikandar [Lodhi], till the time of Ibrahim Shah (King), Behold there will be unrest and discord in his Kingdom.(4)
8. Then the God will appoint Humayun as the King of India but meanwhile an Afghan will appear.(5)
9. Then God will grant kingdom to Humayun. Then will happen an incident in Humayun's life. Meanwhile an Afghan will appear. Afghan's name shall be Sher Shah. Humayun will run to the land of Iran, to the bloodline of the prophet so that they can honor humayun. The Iranian King will help Humayun so that Humayun can be honored as a King. By the time Humayun will attack India again, SherShah will be dead and his son will be ruling the land.(6)
10. So Humayun will conquer India. Then will come Akbar as the King of the land.(7

The above is just an example of the prophesies that the saint has made, I am not pasting any prophesies that you may link to the current scenario as they may perturb and disturb you. But will tell you this that one of the prophesies talks of a great war that is coming (may be world war III) and what has made me more concerned and reinforced my belief on this prophesy is another prophesy made by another saint from my home town about 90 years ago. He had said, " when the bridge would be completed there would be a great war". Now talking about this bridge, he said so, so long back when even the idea of making a bridge at that particular place would be ridiculed. The idea of making a bridge at that place was conceived in around 1980 ( almost after 60 years ). The work on the said bridge started in 1984 and it still has not been completed! Couple of years ago the work was nearing completion but suddenly the whole bridge collapsed. Now it is being believed that the time for the completion of bridge has come and for the war too! Let's hope this one prophesy turns to be wrong.

Reading all this you may say, what is use of doing all the hard work when it has already been decided what we are going to achieve and we will be achieving it any way. I would say, first you don't know what you are going to achieve and secondly your deeds can change your destiny.

Even though one may feel like a prisoner of fate, who can't affect or alter anything beyond the boundaries of his cell. But what one can alter and affect, are the things inside his cell, the way he/she lives his/her life inside that cell. You can call this cell what ever you may like but I choose to call it circle of life. It is in this cell that you spend almost all of your life So the least you can do to make things better in this cell is by being a better human being, by choosing to talk to people in a good way, by trying to be helpful & humble and at last but not the least , by giving importance to your family, the people you love & care for, people who love you & care for you.


  1. Very well written Ifti.
    It really is scary to have another war. Especially, the fact that we might witness it.
    If we are aware about these prophesies, can't we do something to stop it?
    When will we human beings learn to respect each other and mother Nature???
    - Agnes Thomas

  2. Fate is always dictated by our present and past as its very well said, we should always try to be true to ourselves and people around us.Nothing is more important than nurturing relationships in life;those that we are born with and also those that we make.

  3. @Agnes- thanks, as i already have written that a person can effect only a limited circle of fate, but if we together try may be a lot of things can change
    @man- very well said :)@Agnes- thanks, as i already have written that a person can effect only a limited circle of fate, but if we together try may be a lot of things can change
    @man- very well said :)