Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Till that day……..

Life seems to be running in circles, we catch with each other just in order to move ahead. Move ahead with hope to catch up again later some how some where some day…………….
when we completed our schooling and every body in our group was starting to move in different directions, we promised each other no matter what will happen we will meet again. some where below in our hearts we had this doubt filled with fear that we may never see each other again , but that hope.........
Dedicated o that hope

Please do not go away
Leaving me on the way
I will miss you a lot
As I will remember you a lot

The gate of the memories
Will never close
How much I will miss you
No one knows..
Tears in my eyes will weep away
But you in my heart
Will always stay….

Dear fragrance
Of your sweet memories
Will make me to look around
As I will always feel
That you are surround..

We will meet , yes we will
Some where some day..
And say we have met…
Some where some way
Don't forget me
Till that day……..!


  1. Ifti,

    I'm not talented enough to review poetry, especially English. But I agree that we just meet to meet again. Aakhri toh kuch hota hi nahi, we just waot till we meet again,I guess.

  2. well, it reminded me of my school days and all the people I met during my life. It really feels bad when u get separated with people you get used to, and its just the hope that remains with you. The longer it stays, the better it is. Well in our case, I hope we definitely meet again somewhere down the line..
    take care

  3. I always believe that most of the true friends that you have in life are from school days coz the friendship that forms in those years is void of any ulterior motive which creeps into relationships as we grow.If your true friends have disappeared then it means you have not tried hard enough to hold them.Expand your reach and do it now.