Monday, June 7, 2010

Wana live in Memories ...

Strange how sometimes memories are more beautiful then fantascies. Today i just wanted to live in my memories, wanted the to begin my day on the same swing and wanted it to come to an end in the same way as it had ended ... But i am not God . I have been on road for over a month and have experienced many things. I came across a poem which could summerise every thing beautifully. But i am using my mobile blog so it would be better for me to leave it for next time, tilk then you take care :-)


  1. Dear we all wanna live in memories...but we can't..just wat we can do is cherish the "good old days"..and distance won't make any diffrence!!!..:)..take care..and i miss u ..:)

  2. this is the new commentor..hail bulbul!!!!!

    ok you want to live in memories??? should but let those memories keep building up with people or one day new memories of new people will erase the motto is ...LIVE IN MEMORIES BUT LET THOSE MEMORIES BE CONTINUOUS..samjhe...
    P.S: stop bragging about ur MOBILE BLOG...even i have that...;-)

  3. @bulbula miss u tooooooo , @ vampy don't have Erase button :-) ;-)