Friday, June 18, 2010

The Big Bad Enemy, The Big Unifying Force

Once a famous psychologists said that every nation needs an Enemy to keep its people united, the bigger the enemy better it is. Whenever people of a nation have tried moving in different directions, threatening the fragmentation of a nation or when the people start asking questions regarding their development and progress, or some questions are raised which the people in power don't want to answer ….. Here comes the big enemy to their rescue. Whether it be IRS for Britain (Britain bombed its own people and blamed it on IRS), be it Germany or communism or terrorism for USA all came to the rescue of USA when it most needed them, be it communism for Germany (Hitler burned the German Parliament in order to pass the Enabling Act, which is similar to the current Patriotic Act of USA). Whenever India or Pakistan need its enemy to come to their rescue they just need to quote the term "Foreign Elements" so their work is done even without taking each other’s name!

I completely agree with the theory that the presence of a big bad enemy unites the people of a nation and converts millions of meaningless shouts in to a single vibrant and powerful voice. Just a thought, why can’t the fight with our enemies lead to development and progress! It is a universally accepted fact that fight with your enemy only can lead to destruction. So it seems idiotic to think of fight and progress at the same time. But won't you agree that if we all had just one enemy then we would work together to win against it. The collaboration thus generated among nations would help in the progress and prosperity of the people. So we can say that we don't need to change the way and determination with which we face & fight our enemies, we just need to change our enemy, we just need a different enemy. Now who can that enemy be, if we look at every country be it developed or developing and try to find a common enemy, who is so ferocious that every country is engaged in a losing battle with it. This enemy of all humanity is none other than POVERTY! Now is the time to come together and fight, fight for prosperity, fight for the right of every human being to satiate its hunger, in short ( the ending sentence of J.F Kennedy’s last speech before he was shot dead) " … with your help man will be what it was born to be - free and independent ". Mohammad Younus said, "Poverty is unnecessary", what do you think! Now the onus is on us whether we want to fight this fight or not.

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  1. fight a common goal is the way to overcome all problems one by one...but thanks to the way civilizations and thus people/governments have being functioning since create unity at local/micro level has always been aimed at more than to create it at macro level.We get united when there is a war or a cricket match but the sentiments are stronger when we unite for the cause of caste or religion.Thus these petty unity sentiments need to be done away with to create unity for one common it poverty or illiteracy..